Magic Mirror Copy

Remember the tale of Snow White? I say that, and you instantly think of the elements — a poison apple, that magic mirror (hey!) and a princess with skin as white as snow.

The thing about fairy tales is they’re memorable, they have a great story, and they sweep us away.

Your copy & content should be like that.

What does happily ever after look like?

We all have our own idea of what a “happily ever after” is. So do your customers!

I write product descriptions, about us pages, biographies and whatever it takes to make your product or brand fit like a glass slipper.

I offer the fairest copy of them all for brands who want to give their clients a fairy tale ending.

No matter what it is, your customers need magic words to sell that image…that’s where I come in.

You deserve a copywriter that knows your product or brand.

Your clients need to know how you’ll deliver.

I show them.