The following is a sample of my work online.


agooa culture

The company: Agooa Culture is fashion with purpose. The brand sells high-end jewelry that empowers the wearer, and the world. A portion of Agooa’s profits are donated to 1% for the Planet, letting them give back. Agooa’s full selection of jewelry includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The task: Develop copy and product names that spoke to Agooa Culture’s commitment of offering inspiring jewelry. Names were to be aligned to nature, with positive, meaningful messaging. Several of the pieces have been worn by celebrities.

byron anthony home

The company: Byron Anthony Home is a home decor company whose products on available on Houzz, Wayfair and other.

The task: Give an original name to the home decor and write a description. give an example of how it would be used, and speak about any special features, then end with a call-to-action.




I’m the editor-in-chief of, and have been since 2015. Since I joining the website upon launch, has grown to over 40k visitors monthly. I run the social media and all marketing aspects of the website for Weider Media.

Scope of Work:

  • Used SEO strategy and content to rank on the first page of Google for “German fairy tales,” “German folklore,” and “German folktales”
  • Consistently rank on first page of Google for “fairy tales” and related searches
  • Created over 50 author and collection pages with biographical information, historical context (Sample pages: Old Indian Legends, Hans Christian Andersen)
  • Write and edit region pages for every folkloric region with popular authors, literature themes, etc. Sample page: Chinese, German
  • Run the weekly newsletter, a list with over
  • Edited three ebooks and 2 paperbacks
  • Personally located and uploaded over 2,000 stories
  • Blog posts:


As editor of, I’ve been able to work on two ebooks for the brand, with more coming soon! On each title I’ve had a hand in researching, compiling, and editing the books’ tales. I’ve also written a forward and Amazon description for each title.

mermaid tales: 

christmas tales: