I’m Bri Ahearn. Fairy tale nut. Cat mom. Cincinnati copywriter. Content strategist.

Your fairy godmother of copy.

My whole life has been dedicated to words and their spell on me.

I worked as a children’s bookseller throughout college. I’ve also been a student loan handler, a legal office manager and a real estate marketing director. Each job taught me how to write better, faster, and more importantly, in a way that reflects a good message — except student loans, which just make me cry.

I found my own fairy tale: writing compelling click-worthy content for brands and people like you.

But in 2013, I took a gigantic leap into the great unknown. I quit my desk job in real estate marketing. I wanted more from my life..and I did it having made $15.00 on the internet. Yes, the equivalent of going to the forest with just a few breadcrumbs to lead you back. But who cares? Sometimes you just follow a dream. I threw myself into working online with a variety of people.

I now work with global clients helping them tell stories to their customers.

My favorite thing is to work with a company that has a vision for their products or business, and create it, sometimes out of thin air. Now that…that has a magic that would rival any fairy tale, wouldn’t you say? And I get to do it every day!

Facts about me, because why not?

  • I really like fairy tales (I know, you’re surprised!)
  • My favorite tale is a tie between Snow White and East of the Sun, West of the Moon
  • I graduated from Florida State University with Master’s in Corporate Communications, and a Bachelor’s in English
  • I’m very tall – 6’1 to be exact — it is quite the conversation starter, yes
  • In 2010, I slept on the streets of NYC to see Saturday Night Live …live
  • I’m trying to read 300 books in 2018
  • I want to visit every version of The Haunted Mansion in the world
  • I just started watching Doctor Who for the first time ever