be so good your products fly off the shelves like magic

Magic Mirror Copy works with high-end retailers and brands to sell with story-centered copy

Your fairy godmother of copy is here. My name is Bri Ahearn.

I help brands call attention to their products, increase sales, and win repeat customers with story-driven copy. Are your dream customers sleeping beauties? Consumer attention span is short. They want to know how great your product is, and they want to know now. If you're not telling them why your product is the fairest of all, your product descriptions aren't working for you. What causes them to freeze before buying? Break that spell, Get copy to sell!


Product Copy

Speak to your best customers, tell a story, get the sale

Brand Messaging

Craft the perfect message

Web Copy

Deliver your best from the first page your visitors see

Content Marketing

Attract and convert new customers

Let me tell stories that entice
customers to hit "buy"
as fast as you can say

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